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Our services include accounting, taxation, business consultancy, salary administration

Our customers’ businesses operate in trading, services, production, agriculture and others

Accounting Services

A-Z accounting services, Preparation of declarations, Yearly financial reports, Company registration at the Trade register

Tax consulting

Assistance with all types of inquiries regarding tax-, social- and health legislations. Consulting company merges

HR and Payroll

Work contracts and documentation, NRA registrations, pay sheets, preparation of applications, work schedules and sick-leave

Business consulting

Business concept and start-up development, preparation of necessary documents, crediting and funding assistance

Are you interested in hiring new employees? Is it of interest for you to find out the costs related to that? Would you like to find out approximately what monthly insurance payments are you going to pay?

Here you may calculate the expenses for the employer and for the employee when forming the monthly salary. Employees are able to check on their mandatory monthly payments for health and social security, as well as the amount of tax to be paid by the employee.

A wide spectrum of professional services is provided.

We help our customers in developing their business in Bulgaria and abroad. We provide complete accounting servicing of companies in various sectors of the economy and we help in the preparation of administrative necessities according to the Bulgarian legislation. We aid our customers in the development of their business potential with timely and accurate information about financing, crediting, European Union funded project preparations and national financing. Our work is ensuring highest quality of accounting, tax consulting, health, work and administrative insuring, while you create what you are best in.

Expanding your business in Bulgaria?

Do you have a client from another EU-member country?

Would you like to send employees abroad to Europe?

Would you like to do it while complying with the regulations of the Bulgarian and European legislations?

Our expertise in short- and long-term sending abroad from Bulgarian companies to other EU-members complying with all directives of the receiving countries is something YOU could rely on.

We provide information and assistance on:

  • the minimum rates of pay in the respective country
  • the maximum duration of working hours
  • the minimum length of break times
  • health and safety working conditions
  • ways to pay for travel, food and accommodation in the EU country you send staff to

We assist in the preparation of the preliminary declaration for posting of employees in the EU

In the cases prescribed by law, it is necessary for the employer to fill in a preliminary notification for the authorities in the host country, in which they indicate the place of work, the duration of the business trip, contact details, et cetera.

Our team prepares all the necessary documents in compliance with the regulatory requirements.

Income tax for employees

For employees being sent abroad for less than 6 months there is no income tax applicable in the accepting country.

Social Security

As an employee sent abroad for up to two years, the social security stays according to the Bulgarian Social Security legislation.

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