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Make calculations for the expenses for payroll and the amount of health and social security payments for the employee and the employer.
Check the expected vehicle tax.

Payroll and social security calculator

Here you can calculate the distribution of expenses for the employee and the employer formed by employment contracts.

Input a value in the „Base salary” and “Work experience”. If in Your contract it states “Additional payment for experience” higher than the standard “0.6%”, You could change the standard percentage.
In case your “Occupational accident and occupational disease” is higher than 0.4%, You could change the standard percentage.

The rest is the calculator’s job. It accounts for the amounts and the distribution of the costs automatically.

The percentile distribution is according to the actual social security payments for State Social Insurance (SSI), Additional Compulsory Pension Insurance(ACPI), Health Insurance (HI) and Occupational Accident and Occupational Disease (OAOD).

Motor Vehicle Tax Calculator

Who determines the Vehicle Tax?

The town council for the place, where the owner of the vehicle is registered, is the one to determine the tax on the motor vehicle, according to the Local Tax and Charges Law. The tax depends strongly on the type of vehicle.

What does the value of vehicle tax depend on?

For cars, the municipal council determines the amount of the tax according to the power of the engine, adjusted by a factor of the Year of Production of the vehicle.

How are different vehicles being taxed?

The amount of tax for trailers, mopeds, busses, trucks, specialized construction vehicles, tractors and others is according to the type of vehicle and – by total weight, by volume of the engine, by weight capacity and others.

Is the document for paid tax necessary?

The payment of the vehicle tax Is certified by the municipality. It is a condition for the regular yearly MOT of the vehicle. At the technical points where the MOT is carried out, the data on paid tax is checked directly through the automated information exchange system.

You can calculate the tax on cars and trucks up to 3.5 tons based on the basic parameters of the vehicles by pressing the button below. The value may not correspond to the tax determined by the municipal administration, because the various coefficients are subject to changes in each municipality. The latter has the right to request documents certifying facts and circumstances relevant to determining the amount of tax.

The vehicle data that needs to be typed into the calculator is a part of the car ownership document.

The year of first registration is visible under index B and it serves as a basis for vehicle age.


*Index P.2 shows the power of the engine in kW;

*Index V.9 shows the ecological standard of the vehicle – Euro 2 to Euro 6. When dealing with very old vehicles, such ecological standard is inexistent and there is nothing stated in that index.

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